Rodent Control

Rodents can become a big problem for homeowners, particularly when they find their way into the interior of your home. Angus Pest Control offers several strategies for rodent control. In most cases rodents find a way into your attic through holes in the eaves. In other cases, mice or rats can climb through the pipes of your home.

Our first step is to seal all openings that could serve as entry ways for rodents. Once we effectively sealed your home, we place traps in attics to catch any rodents that may have already entered your home. We then place bait stations on the outside the home to help eliminate the population of rodents around your property.

It is usually necessary for us to check traps three to four times in order to verify that rodents have been eliminated. Because rodents can gain new access to your home by chewing holes through the eaves, ongoing maintenance through the use of bait boxes is an essential for effective rodent control.

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