Mosquito Control Program

Our mosquito control program starts with a free inspection of your property to find all the breeding and harboring sites. Then with the use of insect growth regulators in standing water and fogging shaded low ventilated areas we can maintain an area of reduced population and you can go back to enjoying your yard again.

  • Our most popular program is a monthly treatment that controls mosquitos all season long.
  • We also offer a one time treatment for outdoor events.

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Fly Control Misting System

We install and maintain state of the art misting systems. Although we primarily install fly misting systems for horse barns, we also install these same systems in backyards, patios and swimming pools areas for mosquito-free and fly-free zones. Enjoy your back yard once again!

Our system includes a 50 gallon drum containing a solution that effectively eliminates flies and mosquitoes. Results can last anywhere from two to four months depending the number of nozzles installed for your particular area. The system itself is completely digital, allowing us to program the times and duration of the mists according to your needs.

We take pride in the professional installation of the nozzles. Unlike some companies who will drape the tubing over the barn rafters, we take the time to secure them in a way that is inconspicuous. No more hanging lines!

Our system also comes with your personal remote control so that you have ultimate control over when and how long your property is sprayed. This particular system is the perfect solution during the spontaneous arrival of visitors, for example.

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